Fall 2016 Journal Give Away!

journal-give-awayGIVE AWAY! Back issues (most journals are 1-3 years old) of many journal titles have been withdrawn from our lending library collection. See the Fall 2016 issue of our GetMedia Newsletter for more information and a complete list of available titles.

Email Brenda Streets before October 21st if you are interested in having any of these journals. Please prioritize your list; indicate which title(s) you are most interested in receiving. Some titles have very limited quantities so in case of multiple requests we’ll draw names to determine the winners. Journals will be sent out via the AEA van. We should be able to get these out to you by Thanksgiving.

For questions regarding the journal giveaway, please contact Brenda Streets or Cheryl Carruthers, AEA 267 Librarian.

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