New Impaired Driving Kits

DIES (Danger In Every Step) distracted driving activity mat (510861)

Distracted Driving MatThis vinyl mat has graphics on one side depicting a rural town setting with streets, crosswalks, railroad crossings and other common town locations and roadway features. The challenge is to drive through town using the DIES® Steering Wheel with car to simulate a driving experience.   After the participant completes their first trek through town they are asked again to drive the route again this time with added distractions. Distractions such as texting while driving, will typically cause the driver to make driving errors such as missing turns, driving off the road, driving through stop signs, or hitting pedestrians! The resulting experience demonstrates how distractions take away from a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Fatal Vision – marijuana simulation experience – event kit (510862)

Marijuana-impairment-kitThe Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Experience – Event Kit is a complete package containing six activities and the required accessories to help you deliver a memorable experience about the potentially dangerous consequences of impairment resulting from recreational marijuana use.  Lessons and activities demonstrate the loss of visual perception, short-term memory loss, altered visual perception and slowed reaction time and decision making.

Smash Match plus Fatal Vision goggle (510859)

Smash Match® Plus is an ideal package to help you deliver a clear lesson about impaired driving. Use the included Silver Label Clear Fatal Vision® Goggle to attempt to match and place traffic-related shapes on the Smash Match® mat.  Performing this activity, first without and then with the goggle demonstrates that once our senses are impaired, our ability to accomplish simple tasks is greatly diminished.


For questions regarding the above Impaired Driving Kits, please contact one of the AEA 267 Libarians, Cheryl Carruthers or Jane Frizzell.


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