Britannica Online – Check Out the New Features Now Available!

Britannica Online has added 3 different resources for the remainder of the school year, as a trial.

#1 — Image Quest is a collection of three million images. Schools have the rights to use the images for educational purposes, as long as the images are cited to Britannica.

You can access it in one of two ways:

  1. Go directly to Image Quest –
  2. Access Britannica Online via the Iowa AEA Online Home page. When you get to the Elementary, Middle, High screen, notice Your Britannica Resources at the top right with a dropdown arrow. Click there to choose Image Quest.

Image Quest and Escolar OnlineIf you create your own personal login using “My Britannica”, the images can be saved into your individual folder. (Contact one of the AEA 267 Librarians for the code needed to setup a personal teacher account in “My Britannica”).

#2 — Also, you will notice in the same dropdown box, Escolar Online, a Spanish language version of Britannica that is available for both elementary and secondary students.

To access Image Quest and Britannica on devices, follow the directions below:

Sharing Apps for both IOS and Chrome devices. These apps place an icon on user’s devices that links them directly to Britannica School.

For iOS:
1. Open mobile Safari browser on the iOS device
2. Go to and using the browser
3. Tap on the share icon (square with up arrow)
4. Tap on Add to Home Screen
5. Tap on Add
6. Shortcut to the site is added to home screen

For Chrome:
1. Go to the Chrome Web Store ( using the Chrome browser
2. Search for “Britannica School and Britannica ImageQuest”
3. Click “Add to Chrome” at the right
4. When prompted, click ‘Add’ to confirm
5. Britannica School will now be added to your Chrome Apps page

#3 — Geography Explorer: is available at the elementary level of Britannica. To access, locate the Geography Explorer icon/link. It is at the bottom of the first page — you may need to click on Show More. It can be used on a whiteboard and is a game that asks the user to drag/drop continents, oceans, mountains, rivers and places to visit on a world map.

Geography ExplorerBritannica Online is part of the Iowa AEA Online suite of resources and is accessible using your individual Iowa AEA Online building username and password. For questions regarding your building login, please see your school/district teacher librarian or contact one of the AEA 267 librarians. 



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