Student Book Give Away – June 5th

On Monday, June 5th, in each of our regional AEA offices, teachers are invited to stop in and pick out student books that have been withdrawn from our AEA lending library collection. Each year, student books are withdrawn from our collection for various reasons and are available to be given away to teachers in our local school districts. Please stop in to any of our regional offices in Clear Lake, Cedar Falls and Marshalltown between the hours of 7:30 – 4:30 PM on this date and help yourself to some books that may be beneficial for your students.


Stop the Summer Slide!

Summer slideSeveral points of research show how student achievement can drop off over the summer if they don’t stay engaged academically. Wondering how to keep your students
reading over the summer? AEA 267, in cooperation with Mackin has developed two summer reading resource websites called I Want To Read. One website has materials for grades K-5 and the other is for secondary students. On both websites there are links to eBooks within your MackinVIA portal, as well as links to a summer reading journal and other book-related activities. These resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A webinar to share information about the research around summer learning loss and the K-12 eBooks accessible through the I Want To Read websites was held on April
18th. We recorded the webinar, and it is now available for viewing.

We have also developed a webpage with resources to go along with these summer reading resources, including a sample parent letter and templates for bookmarks and posters.

If you have questions regarding the AEA 267 summer reading resources, please contact Cheryl Carruthers, AEA 267 Librarian.


Breakout.EDU kits available to check-out from AEA

Breakout EDU can be used to introduce a new lesson or concept, to reinforce and strengthen learning, or at the end of a unit to bring closure to a lesson and reinforce skills and concepts learned, all in a fun way. Rather than breaking out of a room, Breakout EDU’s versatile kit provides the basic materials necessary to present puzzles for students to decipher, each clue leading to another, and ultimately to the
locked strongbox.

You can search the catalog by typing “breakout” in the search box. The AEA media
order number for this media kit is: 510858.


New Google Feature for MackinVIA eBooks

mackinvia_logo_blackgreenMackin performed an update on the MackinVIA eBook portal on Nov. 7. One of the exciting updates is the addition of the Google Classroom Share button. This feature enables anyone with full or group administrative rights to post MackinVIA resources, Groups, Assignments, and Categories to their Class Assignments and Announcements in Google Classroom. See the release notes for further information. Still have questions? Contact Jane Frizzell or Deb Culp..

New MackinVIA Titles Added During 2015-16

absolutely-almostWe continue to grow the eBook collection available through the MackinVIA eBook portal. Again this year, we have added all of the 2016-17 Iowa Award Books that are available in eBook format. Here is a list of the specific award book titles. We also added over 160 other titles. They include books for all grade levels, several different content areas, and include both fiction and nonfiction. Our purchases this year particularly emphasized science and we continued to add some Spanish language titles. Here is a list of the specific titles. Complete apollo_13listings of titles added to MackinVIA can be found on our GetMedia Reference and Resource site under eBook Resources. If you have any questions, please contact Jane Frizzell, AEA 267 librarian

American History Titles Added to AEA Digital Library

This past school year, the AEA Collaborative Group focused on selecting digital video content on United States history topics. AEA Digital Library is part of the Iowa AEA Online suite of resources at http://www. Access using your school building username and password. If you need assistance, please contact your school teacher librarian or one of the AEA 267 librarians.

13-strips13 Stripes to 50 Stars: The Growth of America

Between 1776 and 1959, the United States grew from 13 colonies to 50 states. This video presents a timeline of expansion, covering the wars, migrations, annexations, and government purchases that established and increased U.S. territory © 2011, Mazzarella Media. Grade Level(s): 5 – 9

The American Presidents Vol. 1: Revolution and the New Nation & Expansion and Reformamerican-presidents

The United States is led by the president, but it was once ruled by a king. This engaging and light-hearted account of early American history examines how and why the United States declared its independence from Great Britain. It highlights the lives and records of the first eleven U.S. presidents: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk.© 2010, Disney Educational Productions.Grade Level(s): 3 – 5

World War II, Part II: Pacific – Full Program Series: Talking Maps

talking-mapsAt the start of World War II, Japan already has a small empire, but it wants to expand. After taking China, Japan bombs the American fleet so it can have a free hand over the Pacific. But the tactic backfires, leading to the U.S. entrance into the war, two atom bombs, and Japan’s eventual defeat. © 2011, New Dimension Media. Grade Level(s): 7 – 12

For questions regarding AEA Digital Library please contact Cheryl Carruthers, AEA 267 Librarian.

Fall 2016 Journal Give Away!

journal-give-awayGIVE AWAY! Back issues (most journals are 1-3 years old) of many journal titles have been withdrawn from our lending library collection. See the Fall 2016 issue of our GetMedia Newsletter for more information and a complete list of available titles.

Email Brenda Streets before October 21st if you are interested in having any of these journals. Please prioritize your list; indicate which title(s) you are most interested in receiving. Some titles have very limited quantities so in case of multiple requests we’ll draw names to determine the winners. Journals will be sent out via the AEA van. We should be able to get these out to you by Thanksgiving.

For questions regarding the journal giveaway, please contact Brenda Streets or Cheryl Carruthers, AEA 267 Librarian.

End of an Era

vhs-tape-for-end-of-an-era-articleYes, the glory days of VHS are quickly coming to an end as VHS and DVD are being replaced by digital streaming. Check out AEA Digital Library or Learn360 at Iowa AEA Online – It is currently anticipated that all VHS tapes in the AEA 267 collection will be weeded during the summer of 2017. Teachers who would like to be considered in a give-away of VHS tapes, please go to a Google Form to request specific titles: This process will continue as we say good-bye to the VHS format.

If you have questions regarding this transition, please contact one of our AEA 267 Librarians.

What is Soundzabound™?

soundzabound-logoAEA 267, in collaboration with other Iowa AEAs, have licensed several modules of royalty free music through the education focused resource, Soundzabound™.

Soundzabound Music Library offers a wide variety of music, audio themes and sound effects for grades K -12 and all music is copyright safe. Meaning use of music from this resource supports all educational digital citizenship requirements.

Music from this collection can be used for podcasts, PowerPoint™, videos, news shows, video yearbooks, digital storytelling, presentations, TV broadcasts, web design and more!

Here are a few examples of how schools are using this amazing resource:

Elementary School Videos

Middle School Videos

High School Videos

Teacher Produced Videos for Instruction

Other Videos

· How To Use The Soundzabound Website:

Soundzabound is part of the Iowa AEA Online suite of resources available and is accessible using your individual Iowa AEA Online building username and password. For questions regarding your building login, please see your school/district teacher librarian or contact one of the AEA 267 librarians.